24 April 2009

Matters of Prayer

1. Big day at the church house tomorrow. We're expecting a good 75 teens from churches across central FL for a one-day youth rally. Several things to wrap up today and a full slate of activities for tomorrow. Pray for Bro. Ray Pettit, who will be preaching twice during the meeting. And please pray that the Holy Spirit will be pleased to move in a mighty way, that young people will respond to the preaching, and that God will do a great work in the lives of many.

2. I've received (and rejected) a few comments recently from an anonymous contributor. It is apparent that a root of bitterness has sprung up in his heart and is troubling him. Please pray that he allows the Lord to remove it before many are defiled.

And a reply to Mr. Anonymous (since I've no other way to contact you). Man up and stop being a coward. Read Matthew 18:15 and confront me personally about whatever problem you have with me. Thanks.


  1. Brother David,

    I don't know who your anonymous commenter is, and I read your RSS feed, so I neither see nor am I able to leave comments unless I flip over to your actual blog site. I did just that today, however, to let you know that I earnestly follow your postings, and that I get a great blessing from them. I figure if you're going to have to read garbage from someone, that you'd be blessed by knowing that there are some out here who read and enjoy your postings.

    Brother Troy

  2. Bro. Brown
    Please do not xoncern thy self with Mr.Anonymous. He or she is trying to ruin your good work in the Lord Jesus Christ. They have nothing to offer themselves and they do not want anyone else to do anything. Remember the Lord said He would take care of those characters in His due time. Keeping on preaching His Word.
    This is the old desert fox.

  3. Thanks. Good to hear from you, Mr. Desert Fox. Hope you're doing well.

  4. Young Preacher Brown:

    Keep loving people, sharing your faith in Christ, and keep pointing to your bible (KJV).

    -Captain America

  5. Aw, Don't worry Brother David, Cpt. America/Anonymouse, oh well! Just keep pressing toward the mark! You're a great Brother! It blesses my heart that you are obviously such a kind and loving man of God. (and the fact that you don't call yourself such only emphasizes that!) Keep posting, and I'll keep reading! Thanks!