06 January 2010

Brit Hume On Tiger Woods

Someone (formerly) in the news bold enough to stand for Jesus. Watch with wonder. And remember to pray for Tiger Woods.


  1. Brother Brown! You of all people (going to Bible Baptist n' all) should not fall for these media liars! Britt Hume was not "standing up for Jesus." He said "Christianity." He is Episcopalian, a member of a false religion that preachers a false Jesus. Christians should not watch Fox News because it is a wolf in sheep's clothing. Orielly = Roman Catholic. Hannity = Roman Catholic. Greta = Scientology! Laura Ingraham = Roman Catholic. Glenn Beck = Mormon.

    Love you brother!

    - Chris in Virginia

  2. Tiger Woods definitely needs prayer. The "fruit" of his Buddhist faith? isn't very impressive.

    A good tree cannot bring forth evil fruit, neither can a corrupt tree bring forth good fruit.

    It's typical of a television personality(the interviewer) to start off the interview by suggesting that there was something wrong with Brit Hume using his time in front of the camera to proselytize.

  3. I understand your point, and I'm definitely not a fan of any news agency. But what he said was true. Tiger Woods (and all the rest of us) needs what Jesus Christ has to offer, which is something that no other religion has to offer.

  4. @Chris in VA --- You may be saved, but you're out of line for judging Britt Hume. You paint a brush over individuals because of their denominations. In the King James Bible, Peter had false teachings. If false, it must be a lie, which must mean from the Devil...was Peter's post-salvation error enough for you to constitute a false religion? Would you like a list of independent baptist preachers with KJV's that are in prison right now for child molestation, bankruptcy court or are just jerks?

    @Dude from Deltona --- You may be saved, but don't you have enough intelligence to understand that Bill O'Reilly (the TV personality) was jesting in humor in a positive manner?

    If TV is so wicked why are you Independent KJV Baptists watching it? Why are you watching youTube?

  5. @ K-Dog --

    Do you not see the irony in your judging Chris in VA & Dude from Deltona for being too judgmental?

    This happens all the time when we take the gospel to the public place, and nobody seems to get it. Weird.

  6. My apologies K-dog. I didn't intend to offend anyone. I guess I'm just not as intuned to O'Reilly's deadpan sense of humour as you are. I'm not sure if that's a reflection of my intelligence or that I don't watch his show. I beleive all Christians are responsible for judging false doctrine though. Right?

    As an aside; did I miss something here. I never heard any one call television wicked. I think of it as a tool that may or may not be used for wicked purposes, but mostly commercial purposes.

    Do you have any verses to back up Peter's "so-called" false teachings, or was this just an anti-KJV rant?

  7. Did I type intuned? :D attuned