04 October 2010

Characteristics of the Pharisees

Outwardly righteous but inwardly rotten, Mt 5.20; 23.25-27; Lk 11.39, 44

Steeped in tradition, Mt 15.1-9; Mk 7.1-9

Offended by Jesus’ words, Mt 15.12; Ps 119.165

Offended when Jesus is glorified, Lk 19.39

Love the praise of men, Mt 23.6-9; Lk 11.43; Jn 12.43; Jn 5.44

Corrupt in doctrine, Mt 16.1-2

Hypocrites, Mt 23.4-5; Luke 12.1

Covetous, Lk 16.14

Envious, Mt 27.18; Mk 15.10

Blind, Mt 15.14; 23.26; Lk 6.39

Came to John’s baptism but did not submit to it, Mt 3.7; Jn 1.24; Lk 7.30

Condemned Jesus for eating with publicans and sinners, Mt 9.11; Mk 2.16; Lk 5.30; 7.39; 15.2

Condemned Jesus for (supposed) violation of the Sabbath, Mt 12.2; Mk 2.24; Lk 6.2; Jn 9.16; 11.57

Condemned Jesus for violating religious/cultural traditions, Mt 15.1ff; Mk 7.1ff

Accused Jesus of blasphemy, Lk 5.21

Accused Jesus of devil possession/involvement, Jn 8.48; Mt 9.34; 12.24

Accused Jesus of being an illegitimate child, Jn 8.41

Sought after a sign, Mt 12.38; 16.1; Mk 8.11

Tempted Jesus, Mt 16.1; 19.3; 22.15; Mk 8.11; 10.2; 12.13; Jn 8.1ff

Sought to kill him, Mt 12.24; Mk 3.6; Jn 5.17-18; 7.20-25; 7.32; 10.31-33; 18.3

Shut up the kingdom of heaven, Mt 23.13

Devour widow’s houses, Mt 23.14

For pretence make long prayers, Mt 23.14

Proselytize, Mt 23.15

Omit weightier matters of the law, Mt 23.23; Lk 11.42

Persecute Jesus’ followers, Mt 23.29; Jn 12.42; Jn 3.1-2; Jn 9.22


  1. Dear Sir:
    Thank you for putting this post of "Characteristics of the Pharisees"on your site. I have a constant problem with #1 on the list. I have been unable to defeat it, it constantly troubles me night and day! I am a sinner, unable to get out of the chains of sin, I find myself falling constantly into this mass of Pharisee ism. Please send me some help!!!

  2. Anonymous >>> You will never defeat it. You will never be able to get out of the chains of sin. You will keep falling. That's why you need Jesus. If you want to know how to be saved, contact us at THE BIBLE Baptist Church: http://jamesknox.com/contact/contact.shtml

  3. Very, very, very good post Pastor David Brown. Repeat, one of your better posts. Kind of a Top 10 list of sorts. Would like to add it could be named "Results of Unbelief".