09 December 2010

Willing & Able

Want to tell you about a brother that’s been coming to our church for some time now. We’ll call him Brother B. He lives at the local Missionary Alliance retirement community. He was a missionary in South Korea for 35 years.

Age has taken its toll on his body. He can hardly speak due to the effects of a stroke. Pen and pad are needed for most any communication. His breathing seems to be indicative of congestive heart failure. He just had to give up his car (which was a good thing).

But he loves being at church. Every Sunday. Every Thursday. Down on the front row with a smile on his face. Hands raised at different points throughout the sermon. Even came fairly regularly to some Bible school classes this past semester. Up until he gave up his car, he was always on the go.

About a month ago, we took a crew to a football game at the University of Central Florida (largest school in the state) to do some public evangelism. I pulled up to the parking lot about 15 minutes prior to leaving time, Brother B – and his girlfriend (wife passed away several years ago) – were in the parking lot.

Now, Brother B can still get around on his feet at a decent pace for his age – for short distances. Sister D can still walk, but she’d barely beat a snail in a race. So I had the unpleasant task of telling them that the closest point to drop them off was at least a mile from where the crowds file in. They might have been able to make it there by the time that we were leaving. Sister D understands. Brother B still wants to believe his body is 35.

You see, he’s willing. He’s just not able. Not that he’s unable to serve the Lord. Just unable to do some of the things he’d like to do for the Lord. There are others like him in our church, as I’m sure there are in yours.

What’s so sad is that our churches are full of dads and moms and young people much unlike Brother B. They’re perfectly able, they’re just not willing. There’s plenty they could do for the Lord, if only they had the interest.

Right now, by the grace of God, I’m willing, and I’m able. God help me “work – for the night is coming, when man’s work is o’er.” And God grant that when I’m no longer able, someone will have to remind me, because in my heart, I’m still willing. Amen.