01 July 2012

Wycliffe Discovery Center

Took a group of kids to the Wycliffe Discovery Center in Orlando this past Tuesday.  Found out about it when perusing the Wycliffe website for missions class ideas.  Very glad we decided to make the trip.  The staff (several of whom volunteer) were all engaging and enthusiastic about presenting their burden for missions, and in particular Bible translation.  The kids all had a great time, and we all came away having learned something (which, they told us, was one of the rules).  

The first thing we did was get a couple of brief biographical lessons on John Wycliffe (the first man to translate the Bible into English) and Cameron Townsend (the founder of Wycliffe Bible Translators).  The rest of the morning was what they called an “A to Z Adventure.”  They split our group into smaller groups and moved them through various learning centers: language, culture, crafts, music, geography, and prayer.  All of this was focused on the country and people groups of Ethiopia, many of whom do not have ANY Bible portions in their language. 

After a break for lunch, each group moved systematically through the interactive museum, looking for answers in a scavenger hunt format. 

If you’re in the Orlando area, I would definitely recommend a visit.  I’ll be looking into taking a group of teens in the near future. 

DISCLAIMER: Wycliffe Bible Translators is NOT an Independent Baptist or KJV-only organization.  The music is a bit more bouncy than most of us believe is appropriate.  I decided on the trip anyway because (1) the focus in on missions, not modern English versions; (2) the music was a very small part of the program; (3) I don’t think our kids are at risk of being confused by the difference in our position on these two issues, if they even noticed. 

If you are interested in a similar type of ministry with a Bible-believing, Independent Baptist perspective, please see the website of Baptist Bible Translators Institute (BBTI) in Bowie, TX: http://www.baptisttranslators.com/.

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