02 July 2010

Warmed & Filled

So I went home for lunch yesterday afternoon (sure is nice living 2 miles from the church). Ate a double-decker PBJ (that’s 2 layers of PBJ, 3 pieces of bread, kind of like a Big Mac) and a big plate of potato chips. When I got up from the table my stomach wasn’t as stuffed as it normally is so I thought, hmm…did I have enough or should I eat something else. Then I realized that most of the people in the world probably wouldn’t eat that much all day long. So I thanked God for his blessings, cleaned up my mess, and went back to work.


  1. What kind of bread, jelly, & peanut butter? Quality brands make such a difference on this sandwich which I know & love.

  2. I'm sure that hungry people would settle for the generic brands.