14 December 2009

Santa Clause -12.14.09

Let's see what kind of response we can get for knocking another idol off the throne...

1. Bro. James preaches "The Santa Clause Sermon" at The BBC on Sunday, December 13. Click here to listen -- but only if you love the truth.

2. And a more fitting remake of a popular favorite this time of year (with credits also to Jeremy McCormick, Jared Clark, and Kimberly Jacquet) -- "Santa Clause is Going to Hell." See Revelation 19:20; 20:10.

You'd better watch out;
He's a really big lie.
All the kids are gonna cry,
I'm tellin' you why --
Santa Clause is going to hell.

God's making a list --
The book of life.
Santa's not there,
and neither's his wife.
Santa Clause is going to hell.

God sees how he's deceiving;
It's clear that he's a fake.
You've got to start believing
That he's doomed for a fiery lake.

Oh! You better watch out;
He's a really big lie.
All the elves are gonna fry,
I'm tellin' you why --
Santa Clause is going to hell!


  1. here we go again, kicking America's idols. I thought the Bible said that the cursed were put into everlasting fire, "prepared for the devil and his angels." (Matthew 25:41) You mean to tell me that old Santa will suffer the same fate? How about the pastors that allow old santa in to worship with them this year? Of course there won't be any blood washed pastors that would do such a thing would they. You better warn the old easter bunny of his or her fate, especially if they show up at mr knox's farmhouse.

  2. 1. OK, Santa Clause isn't really going to hell - but only because he doesn't exist (guess I assumed that was a given)! I just don't see why we have to let Elijah have all the fun (1 Kings 18:27).

    2. Yes, the Easter bunny has been properly warned.

    3. I'm sure many a blood-washed pastor will allow Santa in this year. (a) Either they are compromising or they are ignorant, the latter being preferable as it's more easily corrected. (b) I'm not sure that anything Santa would do in a church service qualifies as worshipping God (John 4:24).

    4. That being said, I'm not certain as to the point of your comment, but I trust it made you "feel" better, since we all know that's what's most important.

    5. Worthy is the Lamb (Revelation 5:9-14).

  3. An extra reference for point #3 -- Revelation 2:12-13.

  4. Wow, are we still kicking idols? How about lifting up the Lord Jesus Christ instead of all this foolishness about Santa Claus. Don't you have something better to do then to sit in an office, composing blog on America favorite idol? I mean if there is no such person than why are you so busy trying to defeat him? Our nation is in much need of prayer than to be wasting time on such a ridiculous character. Think about it!

  5. 1. In THE BIBLE, God is OK with kicking idols (see Gideon, Judges 6:25-26 and Josiah, 2 Kings 23:1-20, for example).

    2. Facts: (a) 212 posts over the course of 1.5 years; (b) 2 directly addressing a couple of America's idols; (c) it really doesn't take that long.

    3. Lifting up the Lord and kicking idols aren't at all mutually exclusive; they actually fit together quite nicely.

    4. If people ignored all the alternatives and devoted themselves to the Lord, there'd be no need to kick the idols.

    5. I'm all for exalting Jesus Christ - glory to God, He purchased my eternal redemption with His blood, sealed me with His spirit, and promised me a home in His heaven...all by His marvelous grace!

  6. Preach brother David preach!!!

  7. thank you for standing for truth. which means you have to knock down the idols of the world. Only Jesus matters and I don't want anyone or anything taking honor or revernce form him.

  8. Though Santa is fake, this world will scorn you for speaking about that which they love. Try standing in a mall this time of year and express the fact that Jolly Old Saint Nicole (Santa is a girls name; do some research - not Santos, but Sant-A-) doesn't exist and the real one to worship is Jesus Christ. Parents will run to cover their kids ears, and those same people will curse you out until the mall security locks you up. Until men remove an idol, even if he's the big fat man or woman, they will never realize their need of trusting Christ. We replace our sinful condition for seasons of pleasure. This is why David takes the time to KINDLY direct your interrest and attention to an incredibly necessary message. Jesus Christ is using him greatly. Thanks for being faithful, brother.

  9. Great preaching on that idol. If someone thinks there shouldn't be preaching on Santa then they should look around and see this holiday has nothing to do with Jesus' birth. Christians need to stand up and speak out for the truth. Brother James is almost the one and only that will preach the truth about this idol. Praise God fot the truth.

  10. " WAKE UP CHRISTIANS " Listen to the sermon on Santa . Time is short and people are dying and going to HELL while we tell the children about Santa ( SATAN )

  11. Further proof that Christians need to speak out on this truth:


  12. What's next? Professional sports and TV?

  13. how about a blog on Malachi 3:8-10. please address the portion of scripture in a future blog. it has been badly used by the modern preacher to make sure his cadillac money come in. if you do not believe it, just sit in any "baptist" church on sunday morning and this portion of scripture will come up numerous times. Santa Claus needs money for his harley and cadillac.

  14. Sad but true. This issue and many others are fully addressed in "The Lost Cause Series."


    If you're interested, send me your information, and I'll send you a free copy.

  15. The "lie" of Santa Claus is the bad thing.

    Nobody gets mad at G.I. Joe toys.
    Nobody gets mad at baby dolls.
    Nobody gets mad at stuffed animals.

    The stupid story of Santa Claus is what is being addressed. If lost souls didn't get snagged, these Christian preachers wouldn't be addressing it. Until then, preach on Christian dudes, & do it with love.