14 February 2011

John 18:4

John 18:4 Jesus therefore, knowing all things that should come upon him, went forth…

That’s a powerful statement.  If Jesus Christ is the Lamb slain from before the foundation of the world, then long before He ever left heaven’s glory to put on a body and enter this world at Bethlehem’s manger, He knew all things that should come upon him.  And yet He went forth. 

From the time of His birth, His purpose was clear.  The angels told the shepherds in Luke 2:12 that the clothes Mary used to wrap her newborn baby were a sign that a Savior had been born.  Those swaddling clothes were grave clothes, and they signified the fact that God didn’t become a man to be born at Bethlehem, but to die at Calvary. 

When the wise men went seeking the King of the Jews, among the gifts they took was myrrh.  What use would a toddler have for an embalming spice?  Nothing but a sign of what He already knew – the death He came to die.

Every year His parents took Him to Jerusalem for the feast of Passover.  And every time He went, He knew that Passover lamb pointed to the offering He would become on the very day of that feast. 

For three and a half years He went from town to town preaching, teaching, healing, casting out devils, working miracles.  Several times the Jewish leaders tried to take Him out.  But He knew that His hour had not yet come. 

On the Mount of Transfiguration He met with Moses and Elijah.  And the Bible says they talked of the decease which He should accomplish at Jerusalem (Luke 9:31).

For thirty-three and a half years, the Son of God walked this sin-cursed earth, fully aware of the death that awaited Him.  The knowledge troubled His soul (John 12:27).  But still, He went forth. 

When He left the upper room to go and pray at Gethsemane, He knew that Judas would meet Him there and betray Him with a kiss.  He knew that He’d be taken away to judgment, falsely accused, scourged, smitten, beaten, crucified.  He knew He would suffer and bleed and die. 

He knew all things that should come upon Him.  And He went forth. 

Brethren, that’s a love that passes knowledge (Ephesians 3:19).  Praise His holy name!